Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance Check [Detailed Guide]

When it comes to customer satisfaction, Amazon has always been the best just like Android launcher apps. From late deliveries to missing or damaged items, Amazon compensates the buyers without asking any questions. If you have faced any problems with the deliveries or products bought from Amazon, then we hope your queries were solved at the earliest. Recently, we started getting messages from Amazon users about Amazon Courtesy Credit since this term is not very popular. If you have heard about this or got a mail regarding the same, then don’t worry because this is not a gimmick but an actual thing. We are here to help you with your questions regarding Amazon Courtesy Credit.

Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance Check

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about Amazon Courtesy Credit and will also tell you how to get Amazon Courtesy Credit and how to use it. You will also find the steps to check if you have any Courtesy Credit from Amazon in your account or not. Don’t forget to read this post till the end since we have answered the common questions asked by Amazon users regarding the Amazon Courtesy Credit. If you are new to it, then you will definitely learn something new from this page. We have searched a lot and then prepared this post so you will get all of the latest and updated information about Amazon Courtesy Credit 2020.

What Is Amazon Courtesy Credit?

A lot of Amazon users don’t know the Amazon Courtesy Credit meaning, if you are among them then let us tell you that Amazon Courtesy Credit is basically a promotional balance that is added by Amazon itself to a user account. There can be many reasons why Amazon would do that since it can be given by Amazon as a refund or as compensation. If you have ordered something with a guaranteed delivery date option, still, you didn’t get the product on the specified date then you are eligible for Amazon Courtesy Credit. Moreover, Amazon can load a customer’s account with Courtesy Credit for a damaged product that he has received.

How To Get Amazon Courtesy Credit?

As we said above, Amazon Courtesy Credit refund is given to certain customers when something wrong is done by the Amazon itself. There is no way you can earn or get Amazon Courtesy Credit return against any order. Amazon is not liable to pay anything like this to customers and it depends on the problem you are having with the products or deliveries. Still, there are some ways by which you can get Courtesy Credit from Amazon.

Way 1: The first way to get Amazon Courtesy Credit is when you didn’t get the product on a specific date you wanted it. If you are not an Amazon Prime member and paid extra for delivery of something on a specific date and haven’t got it on that date then you can get Courtesy Credit from Amazon. This method will work only for non-prime members since Amazon Prime members can select the delivery date without any extra cost.

Way 2: If Amazon does a mistake by delivering your product to the wrong location or did not deliver it to any location, then you can claim Amazon Courtesy Credit against your order. Well, this is not mandatory that Amazon is liable to pay you Courtesy Credit for it but most of the time you will be paid compensation based on the price of the product you have ordered.

Way 3: The third way to get Amazon Courtesy Credit is by taking your concerns to the Amazon support team. If you get any damaged or wrong product delivered, then you can talk to the customer support team to get Courtesy Credit from Amazon. The credit amount depends on them as it can vary from $5 to $50, depending on the price you paid for your product. Asking the customer support directly for Amazon Courtesy Credit will not help in any way.

How To Use Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Now you know what is Courtesy Credit on Amazon and how to get it. It’s time to tell you how you can spend this credit amount. Well, to be honest, you will be able to spend this amount only on the products that are fulfilled and delivered by Amazon. Each product will have a label for these and you will have to look for them so you can use this credit on those products. So if you are thinking about what can I use Amazon Courtesy Credit on? then answer is simple, look for products fulfilled and delivered by Amazon. The credit amount will be applied automatically on the checkout page and you will be able to see it on the payment page. Below we have shared a screenshot which shows how the Amazon Courtesy Credit promotion will look on the payment page.

Amazon Courtesy Credit Redeem

How To Check Amazon Promotional Balance?

Well, if you think you’ve got some Amazon Courtesy Credits in your account, then there is a way to see it. Amazon has a promotional credits page that allows you to see different types of promotional amounts that your account has. You don’t have to worry about Amazon Courtesy Credit disappeared from your account since you can visit the promotional credits page to have a look at it. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you will be able to see all promotional credits including Amazon Courtesy Credit available in your account.

  • Open Amazon and log-in to your account.
  • Now click on this credit balance link – Amazon Courtesy Credit Page.
  • Click on Check Your Balance button.
  • Wait for a few seconds and a page with all your credit balances will be displayed.
  • If you are not able to see any Courtesy Credit Amazon then you don’t have any of them.
Check Amazon Courtesy Credit

Does Amazon Courtesy Credit Expire?

Well, if you have got any Courtesy Credit from Amazon in your account, then you don’t have to worry about its expiry. When you will order anything that is sold and fulfilled by Amazon, then the Amazon Courtesy Credit will automatically be applied to your payment. You can also buy an iOS emulator for PC from Amazon App Store and use the Amazon Courtesy balance to pay for it. Do note that these credits may expire sometimes so it is always recommended to use them at earliest. If you are searching for Amazon Courtesy Credit cancel order then these credits will not be refunded back once you canceled your order after applying them at the payment.

Is Amazon Courtesy Credit Refundable?

We have already said above that you will not get Amazon Courtesy Credit back once you have used it. Even after cancelling the order. This is how not to use Amazon Courtesy Credit and you must be sure about the product while ordering it. We will recommend you not to use Amazon Courtesy Credit on those products that you might return. Since the equivalent value of Amazon Courtesy Credit will be charged from your refund. Once you have used your Amazon Courtesy Credit then it will not come back in any position, so use it wisely.

FAQs Related To Amazon Courtesy Credit

What Is A Courtesy Credit From Amazon?

Amazon Courtesy Credit balance is given as compensation against damages and other things that include a reward. You can also get this balance if you’ve filed any complaints.

Can You Get Refund Courtesy Credit From Amazon?

Courtesy Credit on Amazon is not given against canceled orders but it is given as a “refund”. When a buyer returns the ordered item, he/she can get Amazon Courtesy Credit.

How To View Amazon Courtesy Credit?

Generally, the option is available on the Account detail page. You need to visit the My Account section and find the Promotional Balance option.

What Can I Use Amazon Courtesy Credit On?

The Courtesy Balance on Amazon can be used to pay for the orders. Though it can be applied only to the items that are sold and shipped by Amazon and not by third-party sellers.

How To Remove Amazon Courtesy Credit?

On the Checkout page, the Amazon Courtesy Credit Balance will be applied automatically. You can uncheck the Courtesy Credit box to remove it from getting applied.

Final Words

So this is all about Amazon Courtesy Credit balance and we hope you have got answers to all of your questions regarding the same. By using the method mentioned above, you will be able to check the Amazon Courtesy Credit balance and then you can use it on your next purchases. If you still have questions about how to check the Amazon Courtesy Credit balance, then feel free to ask us for help.

We will keep this post updated with the latest information on Amazon Courtesy Credit rules, so keep visiting StockPop to know about it. Beware of the fake websites that might offer you tools for Amazon Courtesy Credit check and use only the Amazon website to do so. If you are facing any issues with Courtesy Credit Amazon, then you can either ask us about it via the comments below or visit the Amazon Help Page to find help regarding it.

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