How To Quote On Discord | Discord Quote Someone Message

Discord is a free communication tool that allows you to connect with people from all over the world. It doesn’t matter if you want to send a voice, text, live wallpaper for PC, or audio message. Even though there are many apps like Discord available out there but the features you can find in Discord cannot be found in any other apps.. Even though Discord is a fully-featured communication tool, still there are some features that are not available even in Discord. One of them is “Quoting The Message” and it is also one of the most searched terms about Discord on the internet. Officially, you can’t quote someone’s message on Discord but there are always some ways around to get the work done. The same goes for the Discord quote message.

How To Quote On Discord

Here in this post, we are going to tell you everything about how to quote on Discord or quoting on Discord. Remember that you don’t have to download or install a third-party app or tool to quote someone on Discord but it can be done right inside the Discord app and web version. It doesn’t matter on which platform you are using the Discord app because the methods mentioned below work the same on all of them. Though multi-line quoting on Discord is slightly different and we have added the steps for it too. Don’t forget to read this post till the end to know about how to quote on Discord and let us know later if you are able to do Discord quote text or not.

What Is Discord Quote & Discord Quote Message?

Discord quote message refers to quoting someone on Discord. You can also say it as Discord reply to message as you are replying to someone by quoting their message. In other social networks and apps, this feature is called replying, while in Discord it is called quoting. There are various ways for Discord quote text and if you want to know how to use Discord tags to quote then we have mentioned them below. Remember that there are no Discord text shortcuts available right now and you will have to use the tags mentioned below to quote according to your needs.

Discord Block Quote & Discord Tags

Italics*italics* or _italics_
Bold Italics***bold italics***
Underline Italics__*underline italics*__
Underline Bold__**underline bold**__
Underline Bold Italics__***underline bold italics***__

How To Quote Someone On Discord | Discord Quote Text

Single Line Code Block On Discord

Quoting in Discord refers to quoting a message of someone to reply to them with reference to that text. The first method of quoting a message on Discord is a “single-line quote” that is posted with no line breaks. You don’t have to tap the Enter button on your keyboard to reply or to quote a message on Discord. You just have to type “>” symbol, give a space and then type the text you want to display as a quote. You can see in the below image how to use Discord block quote to quote a single text message.

Discord Single Link Quote

Multi-Line Code Block On Discord

Another type of quoting is “multi-line quoting” which refers to a text with multiple line breaks. Above, we told you how to quote something without link breaks and you can just follow the same procedure for a multi-line quote on Discord. You can either add “>” before every line to make it a multi-quote message or simply use “>>>” at the beginning of your lines to make every line a part of the multi-quote message on Discord. You can also follow this method when you want to fix DNS server not responding. See the below image for how to make a quote on Discord reference.

Discord Multi Line Quote

How To Quote On Discord [Unofficial Ways]

Using Discord Quote Bot

There are many Discord bots available out there but if you are looking for Discord bots to quote messages, then there are only a few turn out to be working. If you are searching for how to quote on Discord mobile then these bots won’t help you as they are available only for PC devices. Remember that you must use only verified and popular Discord bots as they keep your account safe. We have mentioned two of the best Discord bots for quoting a message and you will also find the guide on how to indent in Discord using them right on their download page.

Citador Discord Bot

Citador is a pretty simple and easy-to-use Discord bot that allows you to quote a message with a single click. Though this bot is easy to use but you must have the BetterDiscord bot installed to make it work. The guide for the installation and how to quote on Discord using Citador is available on its GitHub page. Head over to the link mentioned above to download the latest version of Citador and to know about its usage.

Quote Discord Bot

As the name says, Quote is a pretty comprehensive yet easy-to-use Discord bot to quote messages. This bot is more complex than the Citador bot but has more functions than Citador. If you are looking for a feature-rich Discord bot for quoting then you can’t find anything better than this bot. How to quote in Discord and the instructions of this bot can be found on its GitHub page. Also, if you are a developer, then you can help the original developer to bring changes to this bot.

Final Words

So this is all about how to quote someone on Discord and we hope now you know everything about it. Since there is no official button or option available on Discord to quote a message, so you will always have to use the Discord line break methods to quote a message on Discord. If you have read the ways we have mentioned above, then you won’t have to search how to quote something on Discord ever again.

We will keep this post updated with more methods on how to create a quote on Discord, so keep visiting StockPop to know about it. If you know about any other way how to reference in Discord then you can let us know about it so can we add it to this post. If you are facing any issues or you have any questions regarding Discord how to quote someone, then feel free to ask us via the comments below.

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