IDM Fake Serial Number Fix 2022 [IDM Serial Key & Trial Reset]

IDM fake serial number problem annoys users a lot and specially when you want to download torrent with IDM. If you are getting IDM has been registered with a fake serial number pop-up every time you open it, then you will love this post for sure. There are many people out there who are using a cracked version of Internet Download Manager and get IDM fake serial number error. There are only two options that can help you, one is to buy the paid version of IDM, second is to fix IDM fake serial number problem. While the first one will never get you this type of error, it can be pretty expensive for some people to actually buy the premium version of IDM.

IDM Fake Serial Number Fix

This post is about how to fix IDM has been registered with fake serial number error. You can find plenty of websites out there providing IDM registration keys for free and most of them are fake. If you’ve used any of them to register your copy of Internet Download Manager, there are high chances that you will get this error too. We have tried a lot of methods to get rid of this problem and found some working IDM fake serial number fix 2022 that you can follow too. There’s nothing like IDM fake serial remover available, so you will have to do everything manually and the process is very easy, so don’t worry.

How To Fix Internet Download Manager Has Been Registered With A Counterfeit Serial Number

Fake Serial Number IDM Solution (Tweaking IDM Files)

You can just tweak some Internet Download Manager files from the installation directory, and get rid of the fake serial number IDM pop-up. This is one of the easiest ways to fix IDM has been registered with a fake serial number problem. You don’t have to be a tech master or coder to perform this, all you need is to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, navigate to the installation directory of IDM.
  • Normally it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager.
  • Now you have to find two files in this folder. The first one is idmBroker and the second one is IDMGrHlp.
  • Once found, copy idmBroker in the same folder, and it will be named as idmBroker – copy automatically.
  • Now, delete the IDMGrHlp file.
Fix IDM Fake Serial Number
  • Change the name of idmBroker – copy file to IDMGrHlp.exe.
  • Do note that it is compulsory to add the .exe file extension name in the file name, else this method won’t work.
IDMGrHlp File
  • Once you have made changes to both of the files, restart your system to enjoy unlimited Internet Download Manager usage.

Using Registry Editor

IDM fake serial number notification can also be removed by editing a single entry in Windows Registry like unknown USB device. Do note that this tweak will disable IDM to check for updates, though you will receive notifications to update your current version of IDM. Do not update your IDM if it is cracked else you will start getting the error message again. You can follow the steps mentioned below to know how to remove Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number notification.

  • Close IDM if it is running and you need to remove it from the system tray and background process too.
  • Press CTRL+R to open the RUN box and type “Regedit” to open the Registry Editor.
  • Now, navigate to the below folder:
  • On the right-pane, find the entry with the name “CheckUpdtVM”.
  • Double-click on it and change the Value Data to 0 (zero) from 10.
Change IDM Registry
  • Click on OK to save changes and restart your system to make changes.

Edit Windows Hosts File

Another working Internet Download Manager has been registered with a fake serial number fix is by editing the Hosts file. A hosts File is basically a Windows file that is used by an operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses. This file can be edited easily, but changing anything it in without knowing the consequences can lead to system failure like DNS server is not responding or app crashes. Follow the steps mentioned below carefully if you want to continue using IDM when you are getting Internet Download Manager has been registered for 30 days error.

  • First of all, close IDM if it is running and do it from the Task Manager too.
  • Now navigate to – C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts.
  • You will find 5 files in that folder. You have to right-click on the Hosts file and open it with notepad.
  • Now copy and paste the following code at the end of the text of the Hosts file.
  • Save and close the edited Hosts file and restart your system to make changes.
Windows Hosts File

Download IDM Trial Reset Tool

As the name says, IDM Trial Reset is a tool that will reset your trial period and will let you enjoy the Internet Download Manager again for 30 days. This program comes in handy for those who are using the trial version of IDM or want to keep using the official version to enjoy the latest updates. IDM Fake Fixed will change IDM settings to default, and it will change registry and hosts file settings too so you will not be able to quote on Discord. Remember that you will have to run this tool again before 30 days to reset your trial status. If you want then you can also Register your IDM using this tool. Here’s how to use it.

  • Use the link mentioned above to download IDM Trial Reset.
  • Open the program with Administrative Privileges.
  • Click on the Trial Reset tab and tap Reset The IDM Trial Now.
IDM Trial Reset
  • Wait for the tool to process your request.
  • Once done, your IDM trial period will reset to 30 days.

Final Words

So, this is how to disable IDM fake serial notification and we hope now you know how to solve IDM fake serial number error yourself. There might be more ways to fix crack IDM fake serial numbers but we have mentioned only the working and tested methods on this page that you can follow without any assistance.

We will keep adding more IDM fake serial number fix for all version in this post, so keep visiting StockPop to know about them. If you know how to turn off IDM fake serial notification by any other method, then do let us know about it too. Still, need help with IDM fake serial number pop up fix? Feel free to contact us.

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